Frequently Asked Questions at Underfloor Heating Johannesburg

What is underfloor heating systems?

Underfloor heating is heating systems that are installed underfloor any surface of a room of a kitchen, living room or even the entire house, providing the entire house with pleasant heat.

How long is the guarantee or warranty of the product and service?

Our products or systems of underfloor heating are designed to give long lasting comfort heat that can last you a life time if you keep maintaining it every once in a while.

How many people did you service this system to?

We have serviced over 1388 residential homes and up to 987 businesses across the whole country and all of them are very pleased with our services.

Why should I choose Underfloor Heating Johannesburg?

We have professional, well trained engineers with years of experience and know and understand exactly what there are doing. We are highly confident that our service uphold the highest standards.

Why electric or water radiant floor heating?

Well thermal heat is the best way to receive comfort in your home or business, it is also veery much cleaner, healthier and maintenance free, saving you lot of energy and very is easy to install.

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

Benefits of Underfloor Heating include:

  • Greater thermal well-being
  • Greater energy saving
  • Elevated heating surface at low temperature
  • Uniform distribution of room temperature
  • Respect of room humidity and hygienic conditions
  • No alteration of plaster, wooden floors and door and window frames
  • No limit in architectural design

Does it cause noise pollution?

Radiant floor does cause any sound pollution, the fans blow warm air into the room without totally making a sound.

What will it cost to install Underfloor heating systems from you guys?

It will cost you not a lot of money to install it and operate it because underfloor heating systems are easy to install and maintain better than other air furnaces.